Registration of banking offices opening branches and offices for the company (study the opening phase) the general manager (director) of the bank appointment of directors of compliance departments Licensing of representation offices Appointment of compliance officer at the exchange companies owning real estate Licensing of lease financing companies and Islamic licensing Opening of branches and offices of the institution / registration stage / Temporary closure of Branches work starting approval members of Administration committee Waiver of shares in exchange companies members of Administration committee the shareholding for banks in companies technical cooperation agreement with strategic partner cancellation of registered bank branch Changing the branch manager closure branches of exchange companies Licensing and registration of microfinance institutions in the register of financial institutions of Opening of branches of exchange companies - registration general manager- office manager appointment Approvals on internal contracts Opening of new branches of the International Money Transfer Company Approval of Foreign Contracts (Global Transfer Networks) changing the location of a branch Approvals on internal contracts opening new bank branches (study phase) general manager for a company Approval of foreign contracts (counterpart exchange companies) Temporary colsure of Branches opening branches for LTD foreign exchange companies External contracts approvals opening bank branches( registration phase) licensing and registration of a bank in bank record appointment of directors of compliance departments License and registration of exchange companies and offices in the register of exchange companies and