Service description
Approve the appointment and change of the general manager of the bank based on the provisions of the first paragraph of Article / 23 / of the executive instructions of Law No. 28 of 2001.
Service documentation
letter dated and signed by the Bank: A dated book and a location from the bank stating the request for approval to appoint a new candidate to manage the bank
Minutes of Meeting: Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting containing the approval of the appointment of the Director
personal identification
Biography: A biographical statement dated and signed by the owner and stamped with the bank seal.
Legal Record Summary: A non-expired legal record feed
Statement of employment status: Non-working document of the State is not expired
Residence voucher: A non-expired residence permit
Notice of payment: Notice of payment / 10 / thousands of Syrian pounds instead of changing the general manager of the bank after the bank received a letter from the Central Bank of Syria stating approving the appointment of the new director
Service charges
Instead of the appointment of: 10000 SP instead of the appointment or change of the bank manager (10) thousands of Syrian pounds
Issuing the decision of the management committee to approve the appointment of the bank manager
Service Ratings