Service description
Allow foreign banks and other financial institutions to open representative offices in Syria.
Service documentation
Request for a license: Expressing the desire to open a representative office in the Syrian Arab Republic - Model 1
Data on the group to which the financial institution belongs: Final budgets and other financial statements Examples (2.1), (2.2), (2.3), (2.4)
Details of the company and its branches:
Statement showing branches of the institution in its home and abroad - Model 3
Data on the Board of Directors and the General Manager: Information on the Chairman and the members of the Board of Directors and the General Manager of the Joint Stock Companies or the partners in the event that otherwise - Form 4
Statement of Representation Offices: A statement of the representative offices in other countries belonging to the institution - model 5
Data on the Director-General of the proposed Office: Information on the Director of the Office to be established - Form 6
Statement of shareholders holding 5% or more of the capital of the financial institution: Information on the major shareholders of the institution - Form 7
A notary public agency: A certified copy of the agency of a clerk in justice who is authorized to follow up the registration procedures of the office
Founding contract: The articles of association of the financial institution are approved by the competent authorities.
Commercial Registration *: A certificate attesting that the Corporation is registered with the competent authorities
Approval of the regulatory body: The approval of the regulatory body to which the institution is subject to the opening of a representative office in Syria
A statement from the regulatory body of the penalties that the institution was subjected to: a list of the penal, financial and administrative penalties that the institution was exposed to
Financial Statements: The financial institution's lists for the last two years: prepared and audited lists according to international standards
Approval of the Board of Directors of the Corporation: Approval of the management of the financial institution on the opening of the representative office in Syria Site of the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the authorized signatory of the institution with the statement of the office's liaison
Statement of the paid up capital of the company: A statement of the capital of the institution - not less than 1500 million Syrian pounds for banking institutions and 250 million lira for other financial institutions according to the exchange rate bulletin on the date of application
Instrument for the appointment of a Director General of the Office in Syria: An agency in which the Foundation appoints a resident of Syria as the Director of the Office and authorizes it to report and communicate
Feasibility study: A study on the economic feasibility of the opening of the representative office in Syria
Pledge: A written undertaking from the financial institution not to violate the laws and regulations in force in Syria
Rules of Procedure: Rules of Procedure of the proposed Bureau
Reimbursement: reimbursement of study and investigation expenses amounting to 500 thousand Syrian Pounds
Registration Application: Registration Stage
Request the financial institution to register the office in the register of representative offices with the government commission attached to:
- Notification of payment of registration expenses amounting to (1.5) million Syrian pounds
- Certificate of registration issued by the Ministry of Economy
Service charges
Investigation and study expenses:
Registration expenses:
Service Ratings