Service description

A service provided to public government bodies to finance foreign trade - the subject of imports whose contracts require the condition of payment of value through documentary credit

Service documentation

    Request for opening a documentary credit: Submitted by the governmental entity requesting the opening of accreditation

    Import Permit: Version No. (4) of the valid import license or what is in place or the text that exempts the authority from submitting the import license

    Contract of supply: certified copy of the supply contract

    Proforma: certified copy

    Copy of the decision to allocate: a copy of the decision to allocate foreign exchange issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

    Insurance Application: The insurance contract or the insurance application submitted to the Syrian General Insurance Institution in case the contract conditions incur the insurance expenses of the government entity requesting to open the credit

    Copy of the loan agreement: If the credit is covered by the loan

 Service charges

     Commission to open credit: 1000 SP Commission to open credit: "2 per thousand for every 3 months (1000 SP minimum)

    0.75 per thousand for each additional month (1000 SP minimum)

    Postage: 400 SYP 400 SP for Arab countries 800 SP for foreign countries

    Swift Fees: 500 SP SP 500 or equivalent per page




- Foreign exchange is opened.

- Prior to arrival of the application to the Appropriations Section, it must be ascertained that foreign currency allocation is available through the Monetary Control Section and that the correspondent bank to be dealt with should be identified through the back section of the Directorate of Banking Operations.

Service Ratings


    Governmental entities

 Execution rate in days

 3 working days