Treasury directorate, tasks and department:

Treasury directorate is in charge of keeping the banknote stock and the monies of small denomination in addition to the foreign currencies stock and precious metals, and it finances the branches duly, and manages the reserve of money and precious metals and it issues the circulations for banks and foreign exchange companies which are related to issuance of banknotes by Arabic and foreign banks, or their withdrawals.

In addition to that, it fulfills the tasks of counting and sorting the monies back from circulation, and issues new banknotes coming from printing, and shred the non-accepted for circulation ones, plus it manages the money liquidity between branches in all governorates.

This directorate consists of the following departments:

  • money management and the museum dep.
  • issuance dep.

Banknotes section.

Coins and metal money dep.

  • central safe dep:

safe section.

Foreign banknotes and deposits section.

  • accounts management dep:

tasks of departments of treasury directorate:

money management and the museum dep.

Follow up the liquidity status in central bank of Syria and its branches in all governorates, and satisfies the needs from the surplus from other branches, issues banknotes from the stock kept in the bank, and prepares the liquidity statistics and suggests the need-printing for banknotes or coins.

Central safe dep:

This is considered to be an intermediation between the HQ and the branches in the money liquidity operations, and it sorts and counts paper money by the counting& sorting machines.

Issuance dep:

Safekeeping the stock of banknotes and small denomination monies and precious metals, plus recounting the damaged notes and shred them, issuing new banknotes and receive envelops of damaged notes (by major forces) coming from branches of central bank of Syria and present them to the due committee to be studies and suggest the reimbursement or non.

Accounts management dep:

Opening accounts in Syrian pounds and foreign currency for all banks and foreign exchange companies, and amend the names of signature authorized people for the opened accounts in the branches of central bank of Syria, plus closing the still accounts, checkbook printing  for all parties work with branches of Central bank of Syria in the governorates, and circulates the canceled and lost checks to all working banks in Syria.

The treasury directorate services:

  • keep the public deposits: the directorate receives the public entities deposits upon request (the deposit must be closed and red-wax sealed and content-declared by the depositor).
  • open accounts for the banks and foreign exchange companies working in Syria.

close the still accounts, and circulate the lost checks on working banks.

the Director 2016-06-21 until Now :

Mr. Iyad Blal

Deputy of the Dirtector From 2019-01-20 until Now :