Raise cash thresholds and ease the procedures of dealing with customers and the fact of the purpose of the information required to identify customers

Despite promises of victory over terrorism, some continue to spread rumors aimed at keeping people away from dealing with banks. Some of them promote false information that any cash deposits in banks will be the subject of inquiries and instigations and requests for confirmations,. With the passage of time, it is confirmed to all that these rumors are incorrect, we mention herein:

 It is known that those coming to the Syrian Arab Republic are entitled to enter cash amounts in foreign currency up to a value equivalent to $ 5,000 without any permit. However, the amounts up to 100,000 are allowed by the CMC Resolution No. 1273 / B / 1 dated 31/5 / 2015 only if such amounts are declared. It is a statement that citizens do not have any responsibilities as long as they are within the limits mentioned and these permits are used only for statistical purposes only in order to study and control the volume of external funds coming into Syrian territory 

  • The decision of CMC 148 / MN dated 7/12/2017, which increased the amount of cash allowed to be entered through the border crossings so that the traveler is only required to declare these amounts within the limits set, raising the maximum amount of pounds allowed to be exported From 10 to 50 thousand Syrian pounds.

Therefore, we remind the citizens not to hesitate to contact the Central Bank of Syria on the number 9985 when there is any question, or to file a complaint in the office of any branch of the Central Bank of Syria in the event of complicating the procedures of dealing with various related institutions.

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