What are the duties of the heirs and the duties of the bank in case the heirs want to break the deposit according to the previous question

The heirs agreed upon breaking the deposit are required to submit proof to the concerned bank to inform the rest of the heirs of their decision by a written letter or by any other official means.

    To file a claim with the competent court, and to submit to the bank concerned documents certified by the competent court to prove the claim within the specified period (two months from the date of notification of the decision to break the deposit)

    What is require from the bank:

    Check the stipulated majority to break the deposit

    Waiting two months and three working days to inform the rest of the heirs

    If the violated heirs do not submit anything to the bank, the bank shall be entitled to deliver the deposit to the beneficiaries and the rights of the other heirs shall be preserved.

    However, if the heirs of the violators submit the required period within the time limit, the bank shall not break the deposit pending the issuance of an acquitted judgment.

If the documents of the suit are submitted after two and three days of the notification, there is no responsibility for the bank if it has delivered the deposit to the heirs duly entitled

    Resolution 804 dated 18/1/2012