What is the minimum / maximum amount for the entry or exit of foreign exchange, and what is the amount to be declared

For the entry of currencies: All arrivals to the country  Syrians, Arabs and foreigners except for transients in transit areas are allowed:

  • Entry of foreign currency notes up to the amount of only $ 100,000 or its equivalent
  • The entry of Syrian pounds in the denomination of whatever value.
  • The entry and exit of all other means of payment in foreign currency and bank cards, whatever their value without the need for authorization.

For exit:
Article 1: For Syrian pounds:

  • Syrian and non-Syrian departures residing abroad are allowed to take out only 10,000 SYP.

Non-Arab and non-resident departures are not allowed to take out any amounts in Syrian pounds
Article 2: For foreign currencies
a. Syrians, non-Syrians residing abroad are allowed to take out only US $ 10,000 or their equivalent
B. Non-Syrian departures shall be allowed to take out the amount of US $ 5,000 or its equivalent, or an amount not exceeding US $ 100,000 or equivalent, if it has been declared upon entry into Syria
Resolution 1273
Resolution 873