The purchase of foreign currency and its limits for commercial or non-commercial purposes?

For commercial operations:
Importers are allowed to finance their imports by the banks operating in the country allowed to deal with the foreign currency, noting that the amount to be sold is linked to the required documents, as there is a limit of the amount that can be sold linked to the documents to be financed and to the limits allowed by the Bank's operational center.

- Resolution No. 37 / L and its amendments.
- Resolution No. 1555 / l.e dated 2/12/2012 and its amendments
- Resolution No. 101 / L of 28/1/2013
- CMCResolution No. 1409 / B of 4 dated 24/7/2016.

For non-commercial operations:
Citizens may be sold foreign currency for cases and within the amounts and limits set by Circular No. 2135 / M1 dated 25/8/2016. These include: fees for studying abroad, living expenses for students abroad, treatment expenses abroad, allowances for parents and relatives, subscriptions to newspapers or magazines Foreign)
 - Resolution No. 1003 / AA dated 15/8/2013
- Circular of the Central Bank of Syria No. 1275 / M / 1 dated 22/08/2013
- Circular No. (2135 / M 1) dated 25/08/2016