Is the residence certificate mandatory to open an account or receive remittances?

It is not compulsory, A copy of a document after confirmation of the original determines the place of residence is required, such as a utility bill, residence document, or other acceptable documents" in the context of customer identification, "and for all clients who reside with their relatives Or their friends may request a statement or document issued by the chosen certified authentic stating the place of residence of the relative or friend, with the inscription of a phrase or a footnote indicating the hosting of the client of the institution and the duration of hosting, or a personal statement of the relative or friend to the institution details of hosting / On the deed of residence

For clients staying at the hotel who do not have proof of residence or who do not have a specific place of residence due to current conditions in the country, a permit can be requested from the client for his or her present residence. The financial and banking institution is committed to identifying, in accordance with its risk assessment and characterization, low risk and high risk business relationships.

Item (a) of Article (IV) of Article (3) of paragraph / a / of Article / 31 / of Resolution No. 15 of 2015 and its amendments.

Circular No. 234 dated 12/2/2017