Service documentation

  1. Application to open an account: An application to open an account in two copies in two copies delivered to the correspondence department of the Directorate of Services
  2. Letter of names of authorized signatories: signed by the highest authority of the account holder
  3. Forms of signatures: Two signature forms signed by the official stamp and authenticated by the highest holder of the account stating the method of moving the account and the third name of the persons authorized to sign
  4. The decision of the Monetary and Credit Council: or the decision of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (certified copy)
  5. Founding contract: The Company's Memorandum of Association
  6. Commercial Registration *: A certified copy of the Commercial Registration and not yet issued for three months
  7. Company Statutes: certified copy
  8. Minutes of the Committee: The first minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors containing the approval of the names of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors and the Commissioners of the movement of account
  9. Company Registration Decision: The decision to register the company or office in the register of offices from the Directorate of the Commission - the licensing and registration section

Service charges

    Fees: 1000 SP

Service Ratings