Functions of the Internal Audit Directorate:

  • Examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls in the bank.
  • Review the credibility and reliability of financial information and the methods used to identify, measure, classify and prepare them.
  • Review existing work systems and procedures, determine their adequacy and degree of compliance, and make appropriate recommendations to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Examine the means used to protect the assets and verify their actual existence.
  • Evaluate available resources to ensure that they are used optimally.
  • Examine and evaluate automated systems, monitor and evaluate security and protection levels applied to hardware and information systems.

    Departments of Internal Audit Directorate:
  • Quality Control dep.
  • Information Systems Audit dep.
  • transactions auditing in local currency dep.
  • transactions auditing in foreign currency.

  Audit of Operations of Supporting Directorates dep

the Director 2019-10-29 until Now :

Mhd Al Kamha

Deputy of the Dirtector From 2019-11-11 until Now :