Functions of  Information Technology Directorate:

  • Manage the invested information systems and provide integrity and reliability of data.
  • Management of communication systems in the Central Bank of Syria and computer networks.
  • Develop quality standards to achieve compatibility of information systems with international standards.
  • Development of job applications for development projects in the Central Bank of Syria.
  • Development of strategic plans for information technology, preparation of comprehensive studies of new technical projects and proposal of annual budget estimates for IT projects.
  • Conducting all technical and economic feasibility studies related to IT projects in the Central Bank of Syria in cooperation with relevant departments.
  • Prepare the necessary recommendations on the proposed projects to include all necessary resources.
  • develop information solutions to comply with internal and external financial and banking institutions.
  • Management, development and operation of information systems in addition to supervising the implementation of information technology projects in the Central Bank of Syria.
  • Developing strategic plans for IT projects in coordination with the planning and follow-up department, in line with the Central Bank of Syria.
  • Setting information security procedures in terms of administrative, physical and software.
  • Enhancing the role of information in the modernization plans for banking work in the Central Bank of Syria.


  • Research and Information Planning dep.
  • Development dep.
    Testing, Quality dep.
  • Information Security dep.

Operating and Investment dep

the Director 2017-01-01 until Now :

Dr. Firas Issa

Deputy of the Dirtector From 2017-01-01 until Now :

Manal Ashour