Provides the legal consultations and studies all the matters and affairs related to law which are imposed within the bank, and try to find the best solutions, then reply duly.

  • prepare the laws, regulations and instructions projects which are related to the work of the bank, and involve the relevant directorates, suggesting the relevant amendments on the banking cases.
  • representing the bank in the legal negotiations in cooperation with the related sections assigned by the management.
  • auditing the conditions books from the financial and legal wise.
  • provide the legal opinion in the requests of opening current accounts by fulfilling all the required legal conditions.
  • cases management related to the bank legal and financial wise, and follow up upon the due court in coordination with the relevant directorates in the bank.
  • follow up the procedures of the issued decisive verdicts for the cases raised by the bank.
  • study the violations related to the foreign exchange laws and follow up in the related judicial courts, and study the cases related to the foreign exchange.
  • The Directorate of Legal Affairs performs the duties of the central judicial authority formed by the Central Bank of Syria. It pursues the practice of working in money exchange without a license violating Law 24/2006 and its amendments, as well as violators of Legislative Decree No. 54/2013, which prohibits dealing with non-Syrian Pound, Of Legislative Decree No. 208/1952, and organizing the necessary control and the referral of offenders to the judiciary as due.
  • Circulate reservations and executive reservations decisions to banks operating in the country, at the request of the requesting party.

This directorate consists of:

  • Legal studies dep.

Legal cases dep.

the Director 2007-01-01 until Now :

Dr. Majdi Abou Fakhr

Deputy of the Dirtector From 2019-01-17 until Now :