Functions of the Directorate of Human Resources:

  1. Develop the strategic plan of the Directorate based on the comprehensive strategic plan of the bank.
  2. Preparation of human resources plans commensurate with the needs of the directorates and branches of the bank and the competencies required to develop the work.
  3. job analysis of human resources in the bank through the analysis of what the functions and specification of the person required to be performed.
  4. Prepare, print and publish the prospectus of the commissioners to sign on behalf of the bank and make the necessary amendments to it on a continuous basis and to inform them of the required.
  5. Implement administrative matters related to employees and organize their own cards in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
  6. Design the bank's organizational structure and systems, including centralization of the decision-making authority.
  7. Implementation of the Bank's obligations as an employer with regard to human resources.
  8. Supervising the health and social status of employees in the bank under the laws and regulations in force.
  9. Develop plans and programs of training and rehabilitation in order to prepare staff in the bank in terms of scientific and technical terms.
  10. Develop individual and collective skills to keep abreast of modern technological developments.
  11. Participate in the preparation of budget estimates for the Directorate.
  12. Prepare and issue data on incentives (financial and non-financial) in preparation for the appropriate decision.
  13. Supervise the performance evaluation procedures in the bank.
  14. Provide human resources appropriate to the needs and nature of the work of the bank in terms of quantity and quality according to the regulations in force.
  15. Provide proposals for the development of work.

departments of Human Resources Directorate:
• Human Resources Planning dep.
• training and development dep.
• Health and Social Affairs dep.
•  Labor Relations dep.

the Director 2020-09-06 until Now :

Deputy of the Dirtector From 2020-11-11 until Now :