Is the public agency acceptable for banking operations

The use of the agencies prepared by the writer in fairness in banking operations is permissible according to the approved conditions related to the shortness of the need to attend the client with the agent for the first time at the time of submission of the said agency to the bank to identify it and obtain its signature form, and renew this agency every three months as appropriate unless the instructions of the concerned bank for a shorter period . Except for the payments of salaries, wages and indemnities set out in Circular No. 3207/1/1 dated 28/12/2014, including the following:


    Cash withdrawals of all forms (checks or otherwise) of a value not exceeding 500,000 SP

    Cash withdrawals of all forms (checks or otherwise) and bank transactions for depositors and retirees

    Issuance of checks for damages due to events and compensations for martyrs.

In cases where the withdrawals exceed these amounts, the Agency shall be assured of the safety of the Agency in the manner specified in the circular in order to be able to use it in the banking operations,

In order to ensure the safety of the banking agency and reduce the fraud.

Otherwise, a bank agency may be set up with the concerned bank, whose procedures will be lower and their effectiveness more confidential according to the instructions of each bank.

    Circular No. 802 / M / 1 dated 1/9/20147.

    Circular No. 3207 / M / 1/1 dated 28/12/2014