How to settle returned checks

Returned checks are settled in  the settlement period.

  1. Payment of the check value from the customer's account.
  2. return the original check to the bank by the drawer without disbursement.
  3. The submission of a written settlement prepared in front of the writer or registered with him or any judicial body that includes specifying the parties to complete the settlement and the date necessary to conduct it and acquittal of the drawer, the result of the check returned in terms of disablement or destruction..

If the settlement period ends and the customer's name is listed on the list of restricted customersThe following documents must be submitted to the Central Bank of Syria /through the concerned bank:

    A copy of the personal identity of the beneficiary or an authenticated copy of the agency if the customer is a natural person

    A letter of authorization or representation if the customer is a legal person

    Copy of the personal identity of the agent or commissioner

    A letter from the concerned bank stating that the value of this check shall be settled according to a settlement statement according to Form No. 3

A copy of the customer's statement with the concerned bank showing how to pay the lost check or a deduction between it and the last beneficiary registered with the clerk in justice or any judicial authority to complete this settlement.