What are the identity documents of the military when receiving remittances or obtaining loans?

For the borrower:

    A copy of the military identity of both the applicant and the guarantors affixed to the financial number and the national number. In the absence of a military card with the borrower or the military guarantors, replace it by removing a military record bearing the national number and a copy with a certified personal photograph indicating the situation. If the sponsor is a civilian, a copy of his ID card is presented.

    The service book in case the applicant is a civil user or the sponsor is civil (for males) when the loan is executed.

    The wage and compensation statement for the applicant according to the approved form signed by the financial officer and authenticated by the military unit and the unit (205) duly signed with their official stamp.

    (205) If the sponsor is military and if the sponsor is a civil statement of wages and compensation according to the approved form and location and stamped from the administrative and financial reference in the institution or the body in which the civil sponsor works. .

    Regarding Borrowing Documents:

    Loan application limited income.

    A written pledge from the applicant that he is not a beneficiary of a limited income loan from the savings bank or any other bank so that his signature and thumbprint will be left to the responsible worker when the loan is executed according to the attached form. [1] Another bank, as explained in a statement of its wage, there is no need to sign this undertaking by the borrower who has a loan.

    A written undertaking from the guarantors stating that there is no more than one guarantee for him other than this guarantee in any branch of the Credit Bank or any other bank so that he will be signed and the fingerprint left in front of the responsible worker when the loan is executed according to the attached form.

    A pledge from the financial officer in the military unit and certified by the unit to which the student loan to settle the loan amount in monthly installments throughout the term of the loan signed and stamped with the original contract and transfer the installment monthly

There are cases where a loan is obtained from savings and loan from collusion with the management accountant in the institution to which the loan applicant follows so that this is not reflected in the salary statement. The loan applicant signs the pledge as not having a loan, Of the loan amount that is calculated on the basis of salary after discounting it, and this is not discovered as a result of not asking the Commission about the loan applicants

    Instructions approved by the donor banks